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Info and Resources

Thank you so much for serving as a coordinator for the 2016 UMBC Maryland Charity Campaign! As a coordinator for your department you are instrumental in helping us raise awareness about the benefits of giving through the MCC.

As you continue to support the Maryland Charity Campaign over the next two months, we believe it is important to provide you with as much information as possible. Each year, there are elements of the campaign that change, and it is our responsibility to ensure the campus community understands these changes so that we can deliver a seamless donation experience.

Below are some resources designed to assist you in delivering our message of the importance and impact of the campaign, as well as logistical details for documentation, goal-setting, and donation processing.

MCC information and resources

New vendor

The State of Maryland has selected a new vendor to support this year’s campaign, which means there are some changes. The new vendor, America’s Charities, is an organization that specializes in workplace giving. Many elements of the process have been streamlined; however, be aware that there may be some issues during the transition period and at the start of the campaign. If you or your colleagues come across any issues, please share them with Roland King,

Online donations

This year, contributors to the Maryland Charity Campaign will need their Campus ID to create an account on the site to give online. Your Campus ID (also known as the invite code) can be found on your pledge form and on your campus card.

Because more and more donations are being made online, we ask that you advise all participants to print a copy of their confirmation email for record keeping and submit it to you. Having gifts officially documented in this manner will provide us with the most accurate and timely reports on our progress.

Cash Donations

We are still accepting cash donations! If an employee would like to give cash to the campaign, please direct them to mark “B” under Preferred Payment Method and write “CASH” in the Check # area, along with his or her donation amount in the respective field.

How to handle employees who want to give but do not have a customized pledge form

Each year, we are asked to submit an employee list to MCC so that they can generate customized pledge forms for our campus. Unfortunately, due to the timing of the campaign, this means some of our newer employees may not have received pledge forms with their specific information. Unfortunately, if employees do not have a customized pledge form they will not be able to donate online. They will have to fill out a blank pledge form in order to donate.

Please have several blank pledge forms available in the event a member of the campus community without a custom form would like to donate. To streamline this giving process, we ask that you fill out the Department, Agency code, and Check distribution number prior to distributing the forms.

See our list of UMBC MCC codes to find our AGENCY CODE # and your department’s unique CK DISTR. number.

Help us track our progress!

As you collect forms, please bring them to Cathy Allison in ITE 221.