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Info and Resources

Thank you so much for serving as a coordinator for the UMBC Maryland Charity Campaign! As a coordinator for your department you are instrumental in helping us raise awareness about the benefits of giving through the MCC.

As you continue to support the Maryland Charity Campaign over the next two months, we believe it is important to provide you with as much information as possible. Each year, there are elements of the campaign that change, and it is our responsibility to ensure the campus community understands these changes so that we can deliver a seamless donation experience.

Below are some resources designed to assist you in delivering our message of the importance and impact of the campaign, as well as logistical details for documentation and donation processing.

MCC information and resources

Online donations

If employees have given to the campaign last year, they should already have an account on the website and should be able to log-in using an existing username and password. Usernames are typically a campus email address. If anyone has forgotten their password it can be recovered using the Forgot Password link on the site. If employees are new to donating online, they should follow the step-by-step instructions on

As a reminder, we ask that all offline donations through pledge forms be signed for confirmation that employees have authorized the donation. Also, they should be sure to fill out the MCC code/EIN for the charity section to identify the nonprofit they wish to donate to.

Cash Donations

We are still accepting cash donations! If colleagues would like to give cash to the campaign, please direct them to write “Cash” in the Total Check Amount line at the bottom of the “Designating Your Gift” section of the form, along with the total donation amount in the respective field.

How to handle employees who want to give but do not have a pledge form

Each year, we are asked to submit an employee list to the campaign so that they can generate customized pledge forms for our campus. Unfortunately, due to the timing of the campaign, this means some newer or contract employees may not have received customized pledge forms. If they would like to donate offline, they will have to fill out a blank pledge form. We recommend you have several blank pledge forms available in the event a member of the campus community without a custom form would like to donate.

Employees without a pledge form can still donate online. Please advise all employees who would like to donate online but do not have a pledge form to request to be added to the system (UMBC’s agency code is 360231). An America’s Charities support team member will contact them in 24-48 hours to confirm all details.

Help us track our progress! As you collect forms and donations, please bring them to Helena Dahlen in Engineering 125C.