How to Donate Online

If you have previously given to the campaign, you do not need to create a new account. 

Create an account in the donation system

Create Your Account →

1. Register your new account with your UMBC username email address

2. Select a username and password of your choosing

3. Confirm your email address to finish creating your account

You must use your UMBC username email address (used to log into your computers and myUMBC) when registering to avoid any errors or complications. You cannot use an email alias to create your account.

Sign in to your account

Sign In →

1. Once your account has been created, use the sign-in link to log into the system.

2. Click the “Give Now” button on the right to begin your pledge.

3. Fill out your basic information in the profile section of the profile screen.

Receiving an “Access Denied” error when attempting to log in? See our login help page for details on how to correct this issue.

Renewing your Gift

1. If you have participated in the 2020 campaign, your pledge history should automatically load into the giving site.

2. To renew your gift from last year, click “Renew a Gift from Last Year” to proceed.

3. If you would like to support a new nonprofit this year, then you can select the “Start a New Gift and Designation” option.

4. If you choose to renew a gift, on the next screen you will have the option to keep your previous donation amount or change it.

5. Once you have made your gift selections, click “Make Changes” to complete your transaction.

Donations by check are not reflected in pledge history, as they are not renewable donations. Prior donations to a charity that is no longer participating in the campaign will not be reflected in your pledge history.

Set up gift payments

1. Choose the payment type you wish to use for the current donation process and click “Add.”

2. Choose your online donation method:

Payroll deduction

  • Enter the the amount you wish to have deducted from each pay period.
  • Your pay period should be auto-selected for 26 weeks.

Credit card

  • Enter the total gift amount and your full credit card information.

Electronic Check

  • Online donation processing now includes the option to process electronic checks.
  • Enter the amount you which to give, along with your bank routing and account information, including billing address.
The system does not keep your credit card or bank account details on file. All record of your credit and banking information will be removed from the system once your donation has been processed.

Find a charity

1. Click “Find a Charity” to access the online directory of all participating organizations.

2. Search the directory for the charity or charities of your choosing. You can search by name, location, or charity EIN.

For a more detailed description of charities participating in the program this year, please refer to the online charity search.

Add a charity or charities to your designation

1. Select the name of the charity in the search results for more details. Then, add it to your pledge designation by clicking “Add this charity.”

2. Once added, you will see the name of the charity listed on the left-hand side under “Selected Charities.”

3. If you would like to donate to more than one charity, use the search box to find additional organizations and add them to your list of selected charities.

4. Once all charities have been added, select “Add to Designations” at the bottom.

You must use the Add to Designations button or the system will not apply your charity or charities to your donation order.

Set your designation preference

1. Enter the total gift amount you would like to designate to each of your charities, or use the sliding tool to designate the giving percentage.

2. You can add additional charities to your pledge at any time by selecting “Find a Charity” and repeating the above steps.

3. Review the breakdown of your gift allocation on the right-hand side of the page and select “continue” to verify and process your pledge.

You can cancel your gift at any time by clicking “cancel and start over” on the right-hand side. However, doing so will require you to reenter all of the above information.

Make it official. Complete your gift!

1. Review the options and check any that apply to you and select finish to process your donation.


If you are still having issues with online giving, the Maryland Charity Campaign also has step-by-step instructions for activating your account and donating online, as well as an online giving tutorial video.